November 22, 2012

“Boston’s Kelley may be 21, but he sounds 35. Having briefly relocated to Austin for a wet-behind-the-ears debut, this time he headed to Nashville like a modern day Dylan, only not to make a country pop statement. With a voice that bears passing resemblance to Stevie Wonder, Kelley exists in a place between classic rock and commercial alternative. And though occasionally that tricky sonic fit hangs in the air more than delivers his songwriting, like Maroon 5, when he comes down squarely in the former, you see precocious talent. E.g., “I Love You Not” flits between Pink Floyd’s “Money” and John Lennon’s White Album tracks, with a minor hail to Hendrix and Cream/Dominoes/Blind Faith-era Clapton. He does soul-pop, too on the lightened “Live My Dreams.” Give a kid some.” – Jack Rabid (www.thebigtakeover.com)

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