“Meant To Be” Now out on Pre-Release! #m2b

August 27, 2014

Got some new photos, along with the official, “Meant To Be” (Pre-Release) [Radio Edit] for you guys to listen to for FREE in Celebration of #m2b getting a Top 25 Song of the Year Award from @visitmusiccity! I love you all so much and please don’t forget to leave a comment in the comment’s box, and sign up to my mailing list below! Stay tuned for a brand new record following the release of #m2b as well as a U.S Tour for 2015! (announcements, dates, and details coming soon…)

“Meant To Be” (Pre-Release) [Radio Edit] – Brendan Kelley 

– “Meant To Be” Voted Top 25 Songs of 2014 by @visitmusiccity Nashville TN (click to view winners!)


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